TATI has been a leading Defensive Driving Training Provider in the Sultanate of Oman since 1999. Not only does TATI have the largest team of Defensive Driving Instructors in the region and world class training infrastructure, the Institute has also earned a reputation for high quality and thorough professionalism. Currently TATI is the sole Defensive Driving Training Provider (DDTP) of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) TATI is also a ROSPA- UK approved Training Service provider in Defensive Driving.

Before anyone begins to nominate a PDO defensive driving course with TATI, they are requested to go through the SP1157 latest version as available on PDO website.

Once you have read and understood the same, please provide the detals in the Nomination Form and email the same to

You can also, register on line (facility available only for companies approved by TATI)

If you are listed as a cash customer, the following is a MUST HAVE: Bookings can be confirmed, only once we have received the payment in cash or cheque against the required course. The nomination must be clearly filled and stamped. A supporting document in the company`s letter head, clearly stating that the clinet is working for your company.

Once you receive the confrimation from TATI, PLEASE READ YOUR CONFIRMATION LETTER carefully.

PDO-approved Orientation Course

A company can cancel a nomination up to 72 hrs before the start of a training course by sending a written notification to TATI and will not be liable to pay the training fees.

TATI has a policy whereby a company can cancel a nomination. Failure to do so within 72 hrs before the course starts will result in the nominated person being recorded as a “No Show” and the course fee will be charged in full.

You may only attend an SJM course when you can satisfy the relevant PDO HSE Learning Ladder and experience prerequisites. These courses are clearly mentioned on the SJM nomination form, which is why a different one is required.

  • DD01E and DD01EA - conducted at MSQ, Muscat (Coast).
  • DD01A, DD01AA, DD02, DD04, DD05 and SJM - conducted at Al Khoud, Muscat (Coast).
  • DD03, DD04 and DD05 are conducted at Fahud and Nimr (Interior).

The courses are available in Arabic, English and Hindi.

Safety boots and overalls should be worn for attending a Heavy course and comfortable dress, including dish-dasher, and substantial SHOES NOT SANDALS for light vehicle courses.


You can have a Pre-course eyesighttest done at TATI once you have received our written course confirmation (there is no charge for this service).

•DD01, DD02 and DD05 are 2-day training programmes. •DD03, DD04 and DD07 are 1-day training programmes.

Yes, these courses are approved by Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).

Yes, there is. The test is administered by a separate standards body – SHIEDA conducts the test and issues a driving permit. TATI does not conduct the test.

The employee can reappear for a retest with in 90 days and needs to book this with SHIEDA, the standard body that administers the assessment.

You will have to do the initial DD course again with TATI.


The company who nominates an employee provides the heavy vehicles (including HGV trucks, buses and tankers)for practical training on Defensive Driving Courses as per PDO specifications.
The nominator must indicate if they require TATI to provide a 3.5 Tonne vehicle. This facility is only available for Omanis.

Please see the detailed price list.

The relevant nomination form must be fully completed and bear your company’s official stamp and PDO contract number. Once done, it must be submitted to TATI with the cash payment for the required booking. Please see the detailedprice list, which also includes TATI’s bank details.

As per PDO regulations, your company has to pay for PDO approved training courses. It is also permissible for individuals to pay for themselves if their circumstances require it.

Yes. This can happen if there are safety or related issues and is at TATI management’s discretion

A client is marked as ‘No Show’ for the following reasons:
  • Failed to arrive (absent) on 1st/2nd day.
  • Arrived late for the course.
  • Failed the Keystone eyesight test.
  • Did not bring a valid ROP driving licence appropriate to the course – including length of time held, where this is relevant.
  • Did not bring HSE Passport or prerequisites not therein.
  • Not in possession of proper footwear.
  • Did not bring vehicle (where applicable).
  • Unable to understand course language.
  • Dangerous driver despite best efforts by trainer.
  • Other course prerequisite(s) not met.


  • Your HSE passport is stamped and a permit issued by Sheida.
  • Certificates are also issued for successful SJM candidates

This can vary depending on your performance when tested by SHIEDA, the standard body. TATI is not involved in the certification process.

You need to enquire with  regarding a DD06 recertification course.

Light Vehicle Blacktop in Automatic Transmission-DD01.

If a Driving Permit is not renewed before the expiry date a permit holder will have to attend the full course again.

The only body that issues renewed DD permits is SHEIDA, and only after the holder has completed a DD06 recertification course. If the permit has been allowed to expire, the full course will have to be done again at TATI followed by an assessment by SHEIDA.

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