Dr. Ashok Kumar Joshi, Lecturer, Business Management from Higher College of Technology, Muscat
"I am simply amazed by the honest and meticulous selection and induction process of TATI. This organization deserves genuine appreciation for its concern in making the best arrangements for document processing, communication, reception on arrival in Oman, stay arrangements, medical formalities and issue of a resident card in Oman etc. Once you apply through TATI, your life will be prosperous, joyous and vibrant. I wish I had such an opportunity much earlier. It is a golden opportunity for academicians/technicians to gain financially and socially by applying for splendid opportunities in Oman."

H.L. Suresh, Lecturer, Electrical Power Engineering from College of Technology, Nizwa
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank TATI, for their superb work in placing me in Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman. I very much enjoyed and appreciated your direct approach to the recruitment process, your frankness in all discussions, the timeliness of decision making and the professionalism of all follow up actions. The whole process has been a breath of fresh air compared to most recruitment and selection processes. Thanks once again.”

Yunus Usman Memon, Lecturer, Electronics & Communication College of Technology, Salalah
"I am thankful to TATI for appointing me as a Lecturer in Salalah College of Technology (Engineering Department), Salalah. Right from the beginning there was immense support and I found myself very lucky to be appointed through TATI. I would like to thank all the staff members of Head Office Muscat and the Salalah Office staff who took immediate action whenever I needed them.”

Mr. Sanjeev Subrao Deshpande, Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, College Of Technology,
Al Musanna

"It has been a great experience for me to have been associated with TATI (OMAN). As this is my first assignment abroad, although I have 25 years teaching experience; I was a bit uncomfortable to accept this offer. But with the support and care shown by the TATI people, I felt safe to serve this country to the best of my knowledge.

I profusely thank TATI for showing confidence in me and giving me an exposure to the international arena which was a necessary step for me. I am highly obliged to this company and its people for accepting me as one of its family members.”

Dr. N.Rajamohan, Ph.D, Lecturer, Oil & Gas, Department of Engineering, Higher College of Technology, Muscat
"I am happy to express my opinion about TATI, who placed me as a Faculty member in Oil and Gas, Department of Engineering, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. I was received well and accommodated comfortably in their fully furnished Guest house when I landed in Muscat. The employees of TATI treated me cordially whenever I approached them for some assistance. I am extremely satisfied with the way, they processed my labour card and salary credit. I am very proud and happy to be a part of TATI family.”

Gabriel Aquino, Technician, Web Design, College of Technology, Al Musanna
"I'd like to thank TATI for being responsive to the needs of its recruits. The help I received has made me become more fruitful in my duties with Al Musanna and has made me more successful in dealing with the school. Thanks to the hands on assistance offered by TATI, I have been recognized by the school and been given monetary rewards.”

Anbu Selvarajan, Technician, Mechanical Engineering Section, Dept of Engineering, Higher College of Technology Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
"This is my first assignment outside my home country and I never felt that I had left my country to a new place. Their hospitality is the best. The way the employees of TATI approached and helped me cannot be measured. I would like to thank all members of staff for the help that they have shown to me over these past months.

Also, I feel comfortable and relaxed with my colleagues in my section. They are very supportive and helpful to me in all respects. The facilities provided to the teachers are excellent. The infrastructure is awesome. Really, I am proud to be a staff member of HCT. I am enjoying the work, culture and professionalism in HCT.”

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