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Ministry of Manpower

The Ministry of Manpower proposes and implements general manpower policies in line with the state economic and social objectives. The Ministry of Manpower is one of our major clients. The technical colleges of Oman come under the Ministry of Manpower.

It not only provides vocational training and technical training, but also expands the same in accordance to the requirements of the labor market. The Ministry of Manpower applies, follows and monitors implementation of the labor law and regulations and provides labor care in coordination with the concerned authorities.

It contributes to the national efforts aimed at availing vocational guidance programs and raising awareness about the values of work and encouraging the spirit of individual initiatives among citizens.

Colleges of Technology

The Ministry of Manpower has seven Regional Colleges of Technology in Oman, located in Al Mussanna, Ibra, Ibri, Nizwa, Salalah, Shinas and one Higher College of Technology in Muscat.  The Higher College of Technology and the Colleges of Technology are academic and technological institutions which aim at:

  • working towards the application of technological and administrative knowledge in technological and administrative fields in par with the requirements of the labor market
  • meeting the student's needs through social, academic, technological, and vocational development
  • building up a generation of highly competent technicians by providing recognized and high quality technological programs
  • providing the economic sector and other sectors with technically and administratively qualified personnel
  • providing technological and parallel education and training services
  • conducting scientific and applied research and studies and publishing them for the benefit of the Colleges
    of Technology and the society.

Higher College of Technology, Muscat

College of Technology, Al Musanna

College of Technology, Ibra

College of Technology, Ibri

College of Technology, Nizwa

College of Technology, Salalah

College of Technology, Shinas

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